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'huge, queer and tawdry' but 'much admired by the public'

Alex S
27 December 1977
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Alex S is a would-be-fop, sometime flaneur and general ne'er-do-well resident in London's fashionable North London. He is descended from Viking nobility who came to Britain raping, looting and pillaging but liked it so much they decided to stay. You wouldn't know this to look at him, though he claims his punting skills stem from the ancestral way with a shallow-bottomed boat. His attempts to aid the human race's evolution and emancipation from its mind-forged manacles are hampered by his addiction to cheese, and his tendency to fall asleep when drunk.
Barry Sarll is a satirical alter-ego constructed for Alex by those he inexplicably considers friends. A judgmental, lecherous and megalomaniacal grotesque, Alex nonetheless came to see that Barry had a lot going for him. A certain symbiosis began to develop.
On May 14th, 2003, in a pioneering and almost certainly unwise attempt to crossbreed the 'real' world and ideaspace, the two were merged. The resulting hybrid still falls asleep a lot, but is more likely to shout 'peon!' at the slightest provocation.
This is not, perhaps, the result for which anyone was hoping.
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